How to choose the handbag that will not leave you disappointed

Handbags are a fashion love of almost every lady. However, if you do not have a huge collection of them, you should approach the purchase of each new handbag wisely. Here are some tips that will help you to select a handbag that would be both beautiful and functional.

The most important thing is to make sure that a handbag is comfortable to carry. After all, you will have to carry it throughout the day, so it must provide you with a comfort level you are satisfied with. A good handbag should not slide off from your shoulder and should make you feel uncomfortable under your arm. So, even if you like the way this or that handbag looks, first try it on and decide whether it feels good. Remember that an empty handbag might feel okay but if it is filled with a lot of various staff, you will regret sacrificing comfort to beauty.

Second, your ideal handbag should not be too heavy. Natural leather handbags are usually much lighter (and will serve you much longer). However, it is not always the case. Choose the material (no matter, natural or faux) that is lighter if you do not want to deal with sores in your shoulders. Also, pay attention to metal details that can add weight to your bag.

Do not forget about pockets. Do you want to have an empty void inside or do you need a lot of departments? Some women like a central divider pocket, some prefer small side pockets to store keys or a phone. You should decide what exactly you want from your bag in term of pockets not to be disappointed later that you have no separate place for your lipsticks, reading glasses, cards or a wallet.

Zip up your bag. Check if the zipper works properly. Although you may have some particular preferences, it is advisable to opt for bags that can be fully closed up or zipped. Imagine, your bag falls over in a public place. Nothing will fall out of it unlike the case with an open or a partially open bag.  

Pay attention to the design. It goes without saying that every woman wants her bag to look beautiful. However, what you should consider before buying a bag you like is whether this particular design will match your clothing style, figure, and color palette of your wardrobe. It is great to have millions of bags of different colors and sizes. If you cannot afford such an option, you should go for a handbag of a neutral color.

Make your bag versatile. There are bags that are intended for specific purposes (like small clutches) but there are also those that you wear every day. The latter should be versatile in its design. Namely, it should match a lot of different outfits, be soft and spacious enough, and be easy to clean.

Good luck with choosing a bag of your dream!

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