How to choose a stroller smartly

Have you already decided what stroller to get for your baby? If it is the first time you have become parents, the solution can be rather tough, especially if you do not have a clear idea of what you are looking for. No matter how little knowledge you have of it, you cannot deny the fact that the choice of the right stroller is crucial if you want your regular walks with the baby to be comfortable and enjoyable for all of you. Just think: you will have to go to supermarkets, parks, hospitable, or just walk around the block. So, the decision is big indeed. That is why we are here to help you. In this quick guide, you will know the major factors you should consider while shopping for a stroller as well as the key types of strollers.

First and foremost, before going to the shop, you should think about the following aspects of your future purchase:

Cost. If you are not unlimited in your budget (which is quite a rare case), you should study the price range quite carefully. First-time parents often get shocked by how much strollers can cost, especially high-end ones. However, you do not need to pay $1000 to get a solid and functional stroller.

Family size. Think carefully whether you are going to have only one child within the next three years. If you are planning another kid, you should consider buying a stroller that could be converted into a double or even triple one.

Lifestyle. Besides being solid and comfortable for the baby, your new stroller should answer your lifestyle needs. Think of your everyday activities. How often are you planning to spend in the open?

As soon as you have decided on all those factors, it is time to choose the type of stroller.  Here are the most popular ones:

All-purpose stroller. It is typically known as a full-size or everyday stroller because it is actually ideal for all types of activities like walking around the neighborhood or going shopping (most of them have storage baskets). Those strollers are solid and have a smooth ride. Some of them are modular and allow changing the seat direction.

Lightweight stroller. As it is clear from the name, this type of stroller is much lighter, which is perfect if you are planning to use public transportation. Moreover, since they have a slender profile, it will be easier to navigate them through doorways and on crowded sidewalks. If you travel a lot with your baby, a lightweight stroller is surely a must. Less expensive versions have fewer features but are still very comfortable.

Travel stroller. Such strollers come with an infant car seat attached to the stroller. It is a perfect option for those parents who have problems waking the baby up to move him or her from the stroller to the car or back. Besides, it will let you save some money since you will have both a seat and a stroller in one pack.

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