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Auto Ceramic Hair Curler

Daisy Cross — 5 hours 14 minutes ago

Do you have problems trying to obtain that bouncy, glossy look when styling your hair? Do you feel that all of your efforts are in vain because you simply cannot achieve your desired result? Have you already tried numerous hair curlers? The majority of them are simply inconvenient to use because of long cords or weak batteries. But the most unpleasant thing is they can burn you. Now you can forget about these problems. We are here to present our new auto ceramic hair curler. Listed below are the benefits you”ll receive when ordering our premium curler.

Do you like going to salons? A lot of women find it a waste of money and time, because the hairstyle they receive doesn”t last long. With this hair curler, you will be able to do the same styling at home everyday without having to pay anything.

Are you annoyed with cords? This curler is wireless and easily chargeable. You will no longer have to deal with irritating wires and wall plugins. If you are always on the move, you will be able to move freely while using it.

Dual-direction styling rods inside the chamber of the curler will make it possible for you to make left-sided and right-sided curls. You will not need any extra head attachments.

The curler features a ceramic, isolated heat-styling chamber that prevents burns. It is also very lightweight and can fit in your
purse. And yes, you will be amazed at the price!

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  • Salon quality for free
  • Great price
  • Compactness
  • No more burns
  • Two directions
  • No more cords

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  • Gerald Foster
    24 Jul  2022
    This is a very convenient tool!
    BUT READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE STARTING it really works easy if you follow them.
  • Jack Santos
    19 Jul 2022
    I watched loads of youtube reviews on it and decided to take the plunge. I got it today. Charged it for five hours and then got to work. To me, the device is not cumbersome or heavy the way some reviewers mentioned. Since I only wanted waves and not tight curls, I used the lowest heat at six seconds. My hair is fine and medium length. It only took me about fifteen minutes. I am so pleased! The battery appears to still have a full charge based on the icon but I guess I’ll see the next time I use it if the bars are reduced any. If you’re on the fence, get off and order this!!
  • Rose May
    19 Jul 2022
    I absolutely love that it charges making it cordless so I can take it to work and curl my hair before a meeting or even for touch ups. I’ve been on the hunt for a curling wand or iron or device that makes curling easy, achieves amazing looking curls, and helps me look super cute in minimal amount of time and this one does it. My mom saw me using mine and wanted one so I ordered her one for a early Mother’s Day Gift.
  • Tyler Perez
    19 Jul 2022
    I like the concept of automatic feeding of hair to this curler. I bought this for my 10yr daughter who like to curl her hair and she absolutely love it. The curling process is easy because you just put enough strands of your hair in the barrel and it will automatically feed and what you need to do is press the button and wait then voila! One full charge gives you enough battery to curl all your hair and it is very portable which is a great feature. The only thing I want to improve is to have an option of feeding more volume of hair strands so it can curl all your hair faster. Overall, this is a good product and I will highly recommend it to my family and friends.
  • Jose Morales

    18 Jul 2022
    My hair took 8 minutes to do. From start to finish. I had never used the device before and I thought I should time it. I did. I brushed my hair out, then separated it into sections using the clip. And in 8 minutes it was literal perfection. Pay attention to the temp settings and set according to what type of hair you have. I have fine hair but tons of it, so I set it at a medium level. The curls almost come out steamed – they look so shiny!
  • Ryan Hudson
    18 Jul 2022
    – you won’t burn yourself because the heating mechanism is inside (still use caution though!)
    – rechargeable, no tangled cords
    – lightweight
    – adjustable heat
    – adjustable direction (left or right)
    – nice design
    – machine does the curling for you

    – could have included images of how to use curling iron.. I wasn’t sure where to put my hair at first and how much hair to “feed” the machine / also great if they could include a video demo on this page
    – instruction manual could use improvement, did not really understand some of the directions

  • Eric Ray
    15 Jul 2022
    I have fine thin wavy medium length hair. I’m not the savviest when it comes to complicated devices, and this really shouldn’t be one of them. But, when I’m looking in the mirror, trying to figure out how to get my unwieldy hair into the opening of this curler correctly, I just get lost. Plus, some of my hair is just not the length that this device is best suited for.

    I was able to get a few strands in the curler, and they came out with some cute spiral curls. I wish I had been able to get closer to my scalp, but that was impossible. When you change sides, you have to flip the curler upside down for the curls to go in the opposite direction. If your hair is a bit wild, and you are not great at doing precision tasks in the mirror that you have to do backward, you may the same problems with this curler as I did.

    I think this is meant for someone with straight hair, that is at least 10 to 12 inches long. If you have thick hair, it is going to take a bit of time to do your entire head, if that is your goal. You can only take very small sections of hair at a time.

    My best suggestion for the use of this curler would be for doing someone else’s hair, a little girl’s maybe. One where you can’t get turned around, you have full control and are less likely for a tangling accident to occur. I will say that it does curl my hair. I just cannot seem to work with it and it is not meant for my type of hair, or brain. It’s way too much trouble and aggravation for far too little, if any, payoff. 4 stars ✨ If you are going to be using this on someone else, or the right hair type, I think it would work ok.

  • Billy Tran
    15 Jul 2022
    This is a really cool innovative device. It was tricky to achieve the curls that I wanted on my hair, but I think it would work well on shorter hair. Or would be great for small touch ups on the go.
  • Willie Carter
    12 Jul 2022
    This product is very easy to use. I don’t know how to do hair Very well but I was able to get a cute style in a short amount of time.
  • Martha Moore

    12 Jul 2022
    Very good product! Does well its function. I liked 100%, highly recommended!
  • Hannah Harper
    12 Jul 2022
    The item is OK, well packed though the box was a little hit, and put it in operation and it seems to work well, good store, thanks!
  • Jeremy Crawford
    12 Jul 2022
    All perfect, super fast delivery. Leave some beautiful curls, I recommend.
  • Tyler Dunn
    8 Jul 2022
    I am so excited about this. A curling iron that I can charge with a USB cable to power!! Perfect for travel, I no longer need to carry converters.
  • Shirley Rice
    8 Jul 2022
    Perfect, it works perfectly I am delighted. I recommend it
  • Tammy Hunter
    8 Jul 2022
    Easy to use and curls stay/last.
    Reordering a second one for my Mother.
  • Juan Sullivan
    2 Jul 2022
    Amazing, it really surprised me. My hair is very straight and curling has always been hell and they didn’t last. With this machine it’s simple and very fast and I ‘ve lasted days. Only paste, the battery consumes fast and if you have a lot of hair, it ends up hurting the arm a little bit of holding the curler.
  • Theresa May
    26 Jun 2022
    All curling irons never work for me because I have really long hair and this one was so perfect!!
  • Rebecca Murray
    26 Jun 2022
    All perfect, super fast delivery. beautiful curls, I recommend.
  • Karen Richards

    23 Jun 2022
    This curler is cute, nice color and design. It is cordless and charged by USB, which is really convenient. It has multiple time and heat settings to choose from, for getting different curl results and different hair types. It is ergonomic, very comfortable to hold in hand.
    This wand is so portable to be taken to anywhere you go, such a wonderful beauty tool keeping you stylish all the time!
  • Stephen Simmons
    22 Jun 2022
    🙂 The Good 🙂
    • Portable waves/ curls anywhere (!!!)
    • Easy to learn
    • One handed hairstyling
    • No snags (!!)
    • Outside stays completely cool

    😕 The Not-So-Good 😕
    • Poor battery life
    • Inconsistent results
    • Must use very small sections

    RESULTS | I used on my long, fine, frizzy hair that holds a curl reasonably well. I was able to achieve some curls as shown in the after photo, but it took quite a few redos of curling the same strands over because the initial curl either had a a flattened end or was more wavy then a curl. This is very easy to achieve waves with. Curls are a little bit more tricky, at least for long hair. I think this would be great for someone with short hair.

  • Jose Bell
    22 Jun 2022

    I got this for my wife and niece for curling their hair while traveling and it does not disappoint. It is a slight learning curve but once you figure out how to use it, it is great. We did have to watch some video tutorials to figure it out.

    Basically, you set the temperature to your desired temperature on the handle (there are three settings). Wait a few minutes for it to warm up and then you’re good to go. You grab a strand of hair, the smaller the strand the better it curls in my opinion, and put the hair in the curler at the top of your hair strand closest to the scalp. You hold in the main button and it will pull your strand of hair in, wrapping it around the barrel on the inside. It will then start beeping to countdown the time that you also set on the handle. My wife has thick hair so I did it on the hottest setting and the longest timer setting. If you do it once it will give a beach like wave.

    If you push the button again without removing your hair and let the cycle repeat itself, it will do a nice tight curl. When you are done you just pull down on the curler and your hair comes right out. It does take a little longer than using a regular curling iron, but it has the benefit that it is cordless and can be used in the car or where there is no electricity available, and it is really hard to burn yourself because the outside stays cool and only the inside heats up so I feel safer using this on my nieces hair incase she moves. It also is rechargeable and comes with a usb cord. It lasts about an hour per charge and takes about 25 minutes to do my wifes long hair, but it depends on your hair length and the settings that you chose.

  • Julia Brown
    21 Jun 2022
    Super happy with the product!! Never had such a great curler! Good quality, cute design and fast shipping. Thanks to the seller, highly recommended!
  • Brittany Harvey
    21 Jun 2022
    This product is amazing. I’ve tried the curler among many others and I simply can’t get the trick to curling my hair. I’m very uncoordinated with my hands and this worked so easily. Cordless is a huge bonus too!
  • Alan Henderson
    21 Jun 2022
    I have long, thick hair that regular curling irons really don’t work too well with. But this one is the bomb it actually curled my hair & it is easy to use once you read the directions. My 9 year old niece curled my hair last night. I loooovvveeeee it!
  • Keith Meyer
    20 Jun 2022
    This thing is a freaking life saver. I have struggled with everything under the sun. From a straightener, to a curling iron, to the wand, to foam rollers, to a weird looking curling thing that just tangled and caught my hair. I read the instructions once and it was enough to give me the basics. I have mid back length hair and it curled it in 30 seconds or less. I loved the option and hint it gave you to curl L on the right side and R on the life and then it even has an option of mixed curls. If you are hair illiterate like myself, this thing is a major life saver!!
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